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by curtis arthur bouvier

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At the 2005 World Social Forum in Brazil, activists from Chiapas reported that this movement began to realize that one cannot combat militarism with more militarism because the state always has more guns. However, if movements began to build their own autonomous zones and proliferated them until they reached a mass scale, eventually there would be nothing the state’s military could do. If mass-based peoples’ movements begin to live life using alternative governance structures and stop relying on the state, then what can the state do? Of course, during the process, there may be skirmishes with the state, but conflict is not the primary work of these movements. And as we see these movements literally take over entire countries in Latin America, it is clear that it is possible to do revolutionary work on a mass-scale in a manner based on radical participatory rather than representational democracy or through a revolutionary vanguard model.
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Mozzarella does her best impression of a sausage.

I just love how after he asks if it’s a sausage, it looks down like “oh shit! I am a sausage :o”

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Victorian era house in Angeleno Heights, Los Angeles

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Cat Puts Dog in a Sleeper Hold. [video]

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Sambucca — Oriental Longhair, chocolate smoke

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For the past six months since our house flooded, my friends have been taking care of my gecko. They just texted this to me.

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The magnificent Dreades in Atelier Boz from Brisbane Supanova 2013. 

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